where are the moderators ?

i have not seen a moderator on here since chris left steinberg so my question is what the bloody hell is going on ? people are posting in the wrong sections ,people want to know about issues they have and there is no one to reply to their repos of bugs .

come on steinberg sort it out

Maybe formal support has ended and there is C7 round the corner?

The reason for our reduced presence at the moment is simple: Chris left while we were already looking for a new team member and at the moment, we are short of manpower. Add summer vacation to that and this is what happens.
A new colleague will start his work on August 1st. We are working on improving the situation again and I am confident that in August and September we will have the first results.
Oh, and moved to the lounge :wink:

thank you edDoll for letting us know ,so we can be expecting a completely new moderator then :question: i will look forward to it :wink:

Yes, we designed him to fullfil all your needs :mrgreen:

Now, someone’s gonna tell him the good news… :wink:

So … you’re beta testing him now?

Feature Request #1 already

We have a release candidate already and humor is highly overrated. Including humor would delay the release at least a month to six weeks.

Not a problem Ed, we’ll enforce our humour onto him.

what about a humor plugin?

I would assume that he doesn’t want to have anything inserted anywhere…

Attempt at “humor” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


lulz @ all of the responses in here

That’s what she said!! :slight_smile:


In the end, it’s not really necessary that the mods be funny. I think we’ve already got that covered. :laughing:

It’s enough if they detect humor when the humor is spelled HUMOR like HOLLYWOOD sign size letters? :wink:

a mod with a GSOH well thats a new one ,keep the insertions coming ! (oach that sounds painful ) :laughing: :laughing:

That might depend on who’s doing the inserting… :open_mouth: :wink: .


Actually it’s Humour :wink: :sunglasses: