Where are the old HalionOne instruments?

Hi all,

I worked with Cubase 5 in the past and created some good songs with some VSTs from the old HalionOne like “Anna” and “Lava Lamp”, which were from GM_Pro package if I recall correctly.

Now I’m on Cubase 8 Artist (unable to install the old Cubase 5), and in the new HalionSonic SE shipped with Artist cannot find such VSTs. I read in a different thread (can’t recall which though) that "all the VSTs from HalionOne have been moved in HalionSonicSE 2 like in 2010 or so, but that’s not the case.

I suspect that some VSTs were not inserted in HSSE Artist version and put in Pro version only. However, there is also the triad HSSE, Halion Sonic 2 and Halion 5 - maybe the missing VSTs were put in one of the other versions? Would I need to purchase a superior version to retrieve those VSTs?

Thanks in advance!