Where are the presets

Having owned Halion for a while, but never really got into it, I thought I should give it a go, so I upgraded from 4 to 5 and from 5 to 6.

What a confusing GUI! Now I know why it never caught on. But anyway, not giving up yet. But I need some help:

There is an area where I can get small colored icons showing different content. So far so good.

Halion 3 is, eeeeh… well… Halion 3 Content. It corresponds! Great!

HS are HalionSonic content of different kind. HS corresponds to Halion Sonic. Great to figure that out. (Not Rocket Science though).

Hal Factory is, eeeeh… well… for some reason this is displayed as Halion 4 in the “blue” heading after clicking the icon. Why this is not displayed the same way as Halion 3 on the colored icon is some kind of rocket science.

And it leaves the question: Since “Factory” yields Halion 4, Where is the Halion 5 content? I know I had a content named 5. Where did that go??? And what about 6? Are there no new sounds for 6? Even more rocket science.

Anyone know how to navigate this?

Sonic 2/Halion 5 content are things like:
Model C
World Instruments
World Percussions

That was the sort of content that was added with Halion 5.

Sonic 3/Halion 6 adds things like:
Hot Brass
Studio Strings

The Halion 5 content is the same as Halion Sonic. But Halion 4 had several exclusive presets not present in Halion Sonic, which you get access to if you own Halion 4 or higher.

Great stuff! Thx guys!!!