Where are the self recorded midi files kept?

I may have asked something like this before but I cannot find the midi recordings that I have made so I can load them exactly where I recorded or nudged then.The audio recordings are in the mediapool so where are the midi files?(Windows10) I was thinking maybe there is a way to bring up the project that I recorded in and use the range to copy it somewhere.But like the media pool drops the audio recording where I exactly placed it, I would like to have it do the same for my midi recordings…any help?

The midi information is in the project file, you can export them to midi files if you wish.

I figured one way of having the file copied and pasted at origin into another project.Just go EDIT-COPY-PASTE AT ORIGIN.

Ahh ok I misunderstood :wink:

One problem-when I export the file it copies all the other midi tracks in the project.I set the locators but that doesn’t do anything.I would like to export one midi clip on one track but it has to locate the clip at the origin when I import it back into another copied from project.any ideas?

If you mute the midi parts they will to be exported

It worked but the other midi tracks showed up by name (not the midi clips themselves).It put the midi clip I exported then imported it exactly where it was in the original project…

Ya know you can just open 2 projects and copy midi by dragging between them. Only one will be active at a time but that doesn’t impact the copy. If you need both to be active open one in a earlier version of Cubase.