where are the TONES! :)


Wasn’t sure if this is where I should post, but figured I give it a shot! I am trying to find (not sure the term via Cubase 5) but better “plugins” “tone generators” etc for keyboard and bass tracks. ie…

If running the full version (not cracked) of Cubase 5 with all updates, and everything installed that comes with it…

How do I get/find patches that sound more realistic, dynamic, etc etc… or if there is a better eq, or program already installed that I haven’t been able to find, that would be just as great.

looking for keyboard tones that range from Journey to Dream Theater (I know, I know… it’s a lot to ask) but any advice or websites would be more than apperciated! :slight_smile:

I know how to run the software fairly well, just looking for the Mad Note!

thx again,


Aloha D, and welcome to the board E’ Komo Mai’.

I am trying to remember if the ‘VST Collection’ and ‘HalionOne’ came with
C5 or not. It might have happened 1st with C6.

If not
1-try looking at some 3rd party stuff for good sounds.
Tho’ you might be limited because the the age of C5.

Here is a good place to start: (a lot of kool free stuff there)

2-Consider upgrading yer Cubase version to get all the latest sounds
(the VST Collection and a lot more).

IMHO the analogy to the sound of the ‘VST Collection’ is that of a Shure sm58 mic.
Not the best by any means but very usable in many situations.

Good Luck!

TY very much Curteye! “Aloha” are you on the Big Island? Yes, you are right, I am more familiar with mic’ing inst. rather than creating one. I played with Frontiers, A tribute to Journey, and have to make a couple backing tracks. Our keyboardist had top tones (his perfect pitch helped:) and live he used different tone generators. Being new at this (and the guitarist) I figured there would be patches/plugins etc that I could substitute and edit… my biggest problem is I don’t even know the names of the programs, or where to look. if so, then I could search on my own! but this is a GREAT start. Can’t ty enuff.

Played out in Wiapio Valley (sp) back in the day… I loved it out there… but would imagine island fever would set in at times :slight_smile: some really good players out there too!

On Maui here. ‘No Ka Oi’.

Originally from Toronto.

You got to spend a little, but there is no general-use VSTi synth out there than Omnishpere by Spectrasonics. It has patches galore of thick, wide sounds that will blow you away. And many that specifically emulate the 70/80s synths you want!

It ain’t cheap, but it is the answer. Trust me.