Where are the videos on trial version?

Cubase 6 trial includes more than 2 hours of tutorial videos :astonished: I downloaded the trial yesterday and its working a treat but I can’t find the videos. :cry: Anyone know where they are located?
Thanks in advance.

Is that a quote from somewhere? The trial doesn’t include those videos as far as I know.

Its a quote from Steinberg in their PDF documentation downloaded with the 6 trial version. They said it so I looked for it LOL. Yeh I know don’t believe all you read :unamused:

Oh, there it is. Maybe they meant to make them available and it’s not just a copy-paste mistake. :wink:

Thanks do you know if they are available anywhere?

I’d guess they’re only available on the retail DVDs.

Hmm In that case I’ll play around with it for a while before deciding to upgrade or not. At the moment apart from looking a little better I need to convince myself its worth the move from 5.5.2 (Hopefully 5.5.3 is not far off)

Performance wise and stability wise both 5.5.2 and 6 are running rock solid on my XP machine.

With the upgrade the videos are on a separate DVD. Probably not included in the trial download as there would be no way to make that content temporary (trial period).

Yeah - like they said C6 was compatible with the Yamaha 01x - which doesn’t even have Windows 7 drivers… :blush:

Hello guys,

Yes, the video tutorials are not available for the trial version, only for the retail version (they come on a separate DVD).

I wouldn’t fret to much about the videos, their pretty basic, designed for beginners.


The advanced tutorials are available for download from Streamworks. There’s a sticky post at the start of the forum I think they’re about twenty U.S. (cheaper if you buy and get the coupon).

I’ll try to post the link here: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3788

Hope this helps!