Where are the VST 2 Plug-in Paths stored?

Anybody know where the VST 2 Plug-in Paths are stored?
Not the VST Plug-in Manager of course, but which actual Windows folder or Registry location.

Thanks, Mike

PS. I see that many have asked a related question with every new version of Cubase. Why won’t Steinberg answer it?


Thanks Steve but not this.
I’m know I’m explaining it wrong, but this area would probably be a Registry entry or a hidden folder. Something not listed in the manual.

But what you you aim to achieve? There’s no need to edit those paths in an xml file.

This info is documented in the user manual.

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To restrict where Cubase can and cannot look for plug-ins. For a few users like myself, it a nuisance when Cubase sets folders on it’s own.

That’s it!
I forget about xml files. My problems never needed them, My issues always required the registry. But xml was the cure this time.
Thanks-a-bunch Steve. Really appreciated.

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