Where are the VST instruments in Media bay?

I have had Cubase 5.5 for some time now but just recently discovered Media Bay. I set it to scan and according to the color codes, it went fine. Media Bay however only shows Steinberg VST pluggins that came with Cubase 5. I can see that the scan added some 3. party audio files, and some 3. party MIDI files, but no instruments. It has not even found HALion 4 that was added after the Cubase 5.5 upgrade. In addition all Toontrack MIDI files are missing. I have tried Rescan, but no luck.

I can however see that the file number is on 10.000. Where is the 10.001 and so on? And where are the instruments? I have several 3. party plugs. No one shows in Media Bay. Not even for very narrow attributes.

There is of course no problem loading the VST instruments into the project the"normal" way. (F11).

Hints anybody?

Make sure the locations of the plugs’ .dll’s and content files are checked for scan in MB. Trashing MB Pref files and setting it up again may be a second route.