Where Are You? (Re-release)

I’ve been examining some old songs (goes back to the “when are you done with mixing?” thread from the Lounge), and came across a horribly EQ’d vocal track in this song. While I was at it, I decided to add a rhythm guitar track and re-track the lead solo using the 1981 Ibanez Artist that I’ve acquired since this song was first recorded.

This is a dinner jazz piece featuring an absolutely genius piano track by Doug (TwilightSong).

It seems my life has taken me in some unusual directions
And every day bring something different and something new
But though I’ve travelled a million miles and seen a thousand faces
The one I haven’t yet seen is you.

I thought I found my true love once, or maybe that was twice
But destiny was something they were not though they were nice.
Still my eyes go searching through the throngs in hopes of finding her
The one that I have loved throughout the years.

Why haven’t you yet sprung forth from out of my dreams?
Like some proverbial Athena to give my life meaning.
And doomed I am to wander until it’s you I find.
Until then I will love you in my mind.

(Guitar solo)

Until then I will love you in my mind.
Until the day I hold you, never to let go,
My heart will remain empty, I know.

Where Are You?

Gear and Signal Paths

Vocals > Neumann TLM103 > EnVoice MK II > Cubase
Guitar > EnVoice MK II > Cubase (no Guitar Rig…couldn’t find a setup that sounded better than the direct signal)
Kontakt 5 (upright bass)
Battery 3 (drums)
Doug’s piano (not sure if it’s live, a VST, or what)

All plug-ins are stock save for Melodyne and BlueCat Peak Meter Pro.

I love the bass on this song and the piano player is so talented. Really nice tune and atmosphere, just a pity about the background noise, sounds like some people talking and carrying around cups and dishes, was it recorded in a club or something? The acoustic is beautiful. Michael.

No, that’s a set of restaurant samples that I found so that it would sound like it was recorded in a club.

Mission accomplished. :mrgreen:

I’m not so sure that your vocal style is a fit for this genre, but things sound smooth overall.
I think the lead vocal is too bright and a bit too out front - I think a song like this should have a warmer vocal
tone. The bass and subtle brush hit drums sound very good - and Doug’s a natural in this genre - he sounds great.
Good work, Larry - just warm up those vocals, and maybe add some delays. :sunglasses:

I’ll agree with the comment that my vocals aren’t a good fit here. (In all honesty, I still stand by my statement that they don’t fit anywhere but I digress…) Does anyone know if Michael Buble is available? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if I can sneak in a subtle delay that won’t detract from the “lounge jazz” atmosphere that the background noise is attempting to create.

nice tune Larry and nice sounds i agree with Lenny as regards the vox on this one ,but i think you could still pull out a better take. i could imagine Frank S doing this or M Bubble ,i have grown to like him more for some reason, lately. i like the little chord at 2.42 ,all round good stuff.

Yeah…good song, crying out for Tony Bennet innit !!!..Kevin

Wait wait wait…

We have jazz vocalists in the forum here? Why am I just now finding out about this?

And, yes, the vocals need to be retracked. That was the only thing I didn’t retrack in this version.

can’t find file

Ah, thanks! I updated the “official” version on BandCamp and updated the link in the first post here.