Health to all!
This is how automation from Nuendo 8 projects is displayed and it looks exactly the same if you create a project in Nuendo 10
Tell me, is it my one so, or has anyone encountered this too?
Or did I not think of pushing a button somewhere? )))

Should be in the volume automation ‘lane’, no?

Did not quite understand your question, MattiasNYC ?

Well the video doesn’t play for me because I don’t know what software will open it (and I don’t typically open random videos found on the 'net), so I’m just looking at your picture.

The top is a track of some sort with an automation lane beneath it, and that lane says “volume”. So of course you see automation points there.

The next track is called “SUB M” and below it is an automation lane but it doesn’t show “volume”, it shows a different parameter. So that’s why I asked if you were looking at the lanes and expecting them to look the same. If you do then both need to be set to “volume” I suppose.

I realize now though that that’s not what you meant. So, how did you write that automation? Did you use a VCA by any chance? If you did then hitpoints won’t show up.

MattiasNYC, I do not use VCA. Once again, the automation in projects from Nuendo 8, opened in Nuendo 10 on group tracks and effects tracks looks exactly like in the picture. In Nuendo 8, everything is displayed correctly.
Moreover, having created an empty project in Nuendo 10 and adding there 51 groups, I also get automation curves without points.
Watch MP4 video (do not be afraid, this is a recording of the screen of my PC). I packed it in a rar in order to put it here on the forum, because forum rules do not support attaching a video file to a post. ))

Judging by the lack of feedback, the rest of the forum members do not have this problem in Nuendo 10?

Hmm… well, wish I could help.

Have you tried hoovering over the automation lanes with your mouse?


I want to inform the community that the problem is solved by a clean installation of Nuendo 10, with a preliminary move of all the settings files of previous versions of Nuendo to another disk, so that the installer does not “pick up” the old preferences.
Thanks MattiasNYC and Fredo for the response!