where can I buy Cubase 5???

I currently have Cubase Studio 4, I want to upgrade, but I’m running XP. I’m not putting win7 on my CPU just to upgrade to Cubase7 … looks like Cubase 5 is the last version that supports XP, but I cant find Cubase 5 for sale anywhere! Anybody know where I can find it and/or find it online as an upgrade?

I think this is just an “overpriced” warez version…

Maybe the best option is to buy a Cubase 7 license and use it to run Cubase 5 (or 6.5, 6, 4, and so on).

Yes, I am sure there is previous (boxed) versions floating around (used or not). But this website looks like a source of cracked versions sold as “OEM” software. But I can be wrong!

Oh yeah! Magic words! :laughing:

C6 and 6.5 work fine on XP. You can even use C7 on XP, if you know how.

Will work but I think the OP wants a supported version.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I definitely want a supported version, and a legit legal version as well. Hopefully I can find an upgrade, but if I can only find a full “clean” install with another key, I will do so as well.