Where can I change the velocity of sound auditions in the drum editor?

When clicking the left column in the drum editor to audition a note, the trigger used to play at the highest velocity.
Now, without changing any preferences or settings it has been auditioning at a very low velocity and I can barely hear the sounds.
How do I change the velocity to my liking?
As it stands at the moment, the audition function is essentially unusable.

Are you talking about the velocity of the trigger, or the audition volume?
Also which software are you using? :unamused:

Audition velocity “trigger” in Cubase. Can’t you read? Not sure why you would pipe in with questions that lead nowhere. Care to help or not?

Now, obviously I can read, but sometimes I just don ´t know if I understood correctly what I just read, therefore I ask some questions from time to time.