Where can I download a full version of Nu 6

Just installed a new computer need a full install for ver 6.
I have it on my dongle can I just install 6.07 update with the dongle inserted instead of a CD?

On your dongle you have the license to be able to run the software, but not the installation package.
The full v6.5 installer is available here : http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_nuendo_65&L=1 (but you’ll have to upgrade your license to v6.5).
Maybe PM TimoWildenhain for a download link to the full v6 installer.


Got from this page:


Doesn’t seem to be a 6 install though. I may have it still and could Dropbox it. What platform?

PM me if you need a link

Windows 8.1 64 bit. My Drop Box is larry@larryhoward.com.
Really need this. I found a trail version of 6 on my laptop but need a full install. Thanks so much.

Pretty sure the Trial is the same as the full installer, minus some of the content. Could be wrong, but I think so. I think the updates will work with the Trial as well.

Nay gave to.