Where can I find a screenshot for screenhot tutorial configure cubase 13 for asioforall

Hello Experts,

Thank you very much for NOT posting or for posting as described

I have a request / a beg

I am a total newcomer about cubase. I know nothing about it.
I want to use a TINY SMALL percentage of the functions of cubase.

The only thing a I want to do is import AUDIO-files cut pieces of this audio-file
and re-arrange the pieces. That’s all. NOTHING else.

  • no filtering,
  • no reverb
  • no mixing
  • no nothing else

This means a generalised introduction about it all is NOT what I am looking for

I have downloaded the ASIO4ALL-driver and installed the driver.
The ASIO4ALL-Website gives only a very generalised and - at least for me - hard to understand manual on how to configure the “audio-production-software”

Does somebody know of a tutorial that shows
step by step
screenshot for screenshot

How to configure cubase 13 that cubase 13 uses the ASIO4ALL-driver for audio output?

I will be totatally satisfied if this works.

I insist on step by step screenshots. As I know nothing about cubase
If you only write words click on “keyword”
open XY
I will not know what you mean because I don’t know the click way to find this sub-sub-sub-menu
which screen to make visible that sub-sub-menu where the description starts

So you either can provide a link to such an screenshot by screenshot tutorial
post all the screenshots
or you just DON’T post

Thank you very much for not posting or for posting as described

best regards Stefan

Maybe this can help?

Remember, ASIO4all is just an ASIO driver. The configuration inside Cubase is basically the same for all kinds of ASIO drivers.

Hi @Geppastro

thank you very much for answering.
I guess I made some progress but I must be still be missing something because still no audio-output
I post all the steps that I have done so far. Very very detailed

I started Cubase 13 (not Cubase elements 13)
I double clicked on the project that I have created for modifying the mp3-file

The project gets loaded and I see this screen

I clicked main menu studio audio-connections

There the outputs are set to ASIO4ALL v2

Closing this window clicking on mainmenu Studio Studio-setup

This shows this window which looks DIFFERENT than your screenshot.

As I know nothing yet I can’t decide if these adjustements are correct or not
or where to find the things that were shown in your screenshot

I clicked on ASIO4ALL V2 setup
which shows this window

I assume that choosing
Reaktek (R) Audio is correct.

The popup shows device is active

Going back to “mainwindow”
it shows this

You can see the soundlevel is above zero when playing but
Still I don’t hear any sound.

If I play a MP3-file with VLC-player I can hear the sound

So what am I still missing?
What do I have to lookup that some other adjustement is set to a wrong choice or value

totally stumped

best regards Stefan

Your channel isn’t routed to the output.
Select the track and choose the “Stereo” in output routing.