Where can i find complete info about GA5 ????

The links provided by Steinberg are of no use for me.

New in Groove Agent 5
Read more about Groove Agent 5

Of course the marketing department must be pleased, big pictures, little text and little explanation.
And of course every thing is better and more … etc.

When can we expect detailed information, without all the smiling faces, and meaningless pictures?

I got a link in my mail to “Watch the Groove Agent 5 performance videos”
a guy is finger-drumming. complete useless.
I only can find marketing articles about GA5, probably no other need for buying it then buying it.

Did you read the owners manual? https://steinberg.help/groove_agent/v5/en/Groove_Agent_5_Operation_Manual_en.pdf

No, but now i can. Thanks.
Hard to find even now i know it’s there.
I’ll save your link