Where can I find Expression maps ?

I’m looking for expression maps for various 3rd part instruments(IK Multimedia,Ample Sound,etc…).Where can I find pre made expression maps ? I’ve tried Google with no luck.

There are a few 3rd party developers for specific orchestration brands that sell them. It certainly won’t be IK NI, or any large developer. I believe there is one for NI Kontakt VSL, created by a 3rd party. If you post this at VI Control, I’m confident you will get some quick replies. If it’s for non-orchestral, you may be out of luck and have to create your own. It’s not very difficult, and once create your own, you are set for the future.

Other than orchestra, the only time I use expression maps is with Scarbee Bass and Indignous Guitars, and it took me maybe 15 minutes to create those.

Maybe other will post expression maps here?

There are a few free here:


Thanks.I guess I’ll have to make my own,I do very little orchestral work,almost none.

Thank you

I’m going to try making my own expression maps. Is there a way and/or place to share them when I finish them ?

Here is a hodgepodge that I have - both gotten elsewhere and homemade. None of the ones I made have any Remote Keys setup, so if you want those you’ll need to add them. On a couple of Libraries like Session Horns Pro the VSTi limits you to only 9 articulations available at a time even though it has more than 9 articulations total. For those you’ll find 2 different maps. A Generic map which shows the 9 available slots by slot number and you can load them in the VSTi however you like. And there is an All Arts version that requires 2 instances of the VSTi in Kontakt one each on MIDI Channels 1 and 2. These will route some articulations to ch1 and the rest to ch2. Here’s what that looks like

Garritan Orch. & Big Band
Bunch of Kontakt, both NI & others
Steinberg’s HSO maps
Soundiron, several vocal libs
and the ever popular misc. - EW, 8DIo, Realtone

And don’t overlook the Init map. It took me way too long to figure out that editing a bunch of pre-existing empty Slots is way easier than building a map from scratch :blush:

Cubase expression maps.zip (132 KB)

Thank you