Where can I find installation files for Cubase 10.0.4?

I had to reinstall my windows system and now I need to reinstall cubase.

As the current version 10.0.5 is unstable, I want to install the previous version instead but I cannot find this version at the download page.
Also I cannot “roll back” to previous version as I have to install Cubase from scratch.

Does anyone know where I can find the full installation files for Cubase 10.0.4?

You won’t be able to install 10.0.40 without the 10.0.0 (or thereabouts) installer which you can’t get because the current installation file already contains 10.0.50.

THIS, the full 10.0 installer is at 10.0.50 so no go unless you have the full 10 installer tucked away somewhere.
Otherwise you need to contact support