Where can I find Loopmash?

I decided it might be cool to give Loopmash a try, but I don’t have it installed (isn’t it supposed to install with cubase?), and I cant find any download at the steinberg site for it.

any ideas?


LoopMash is a VST3 Instrument. Add an Instrument track and select LoopMash as an Instrument.

If you cannot see it in the list, install it from the Cunase Full Installer.

it’s not in the list of vst instruments

I’d rather avoid having to reinstall Cubase entirely. I’m on the last version of 7.5; is it possible to just install loopmash from one of the installers? If so which one?


Yes it is. Once you try to install the Cubase Full Installer, the installer will skip everything, what is installed already. Or you can choose manually what to install.

I guess I don’t have any full installers, just updaters, and the one I tried (7.5.4) did not offer the option to install Loopmash.

The last time I used an install DVD was when 7.0 came out - a little over 2 years ago, and there seems to be nothing but updaters on the steinberg site.

am I out of luck, or is there somewhere I could download these files?


Cubase 7.5.0 Full Installer is available here. Please scroll down.

Sorry, I missed the scrolling down part in an earlier visit.