Where can I find out why Cubase 10.5 is crashing?

I recently started trying to use Cubase 10.5 over 10. I copied my list of plugins from version 10.

I have a project I am working on with Kontakt instruments being used on several tracks. Often when I open the Kontakt window for an instrument, adjust the volume, for example, and then close the window, the window just turns white and I can no longer interface with Cubase. Sometimes the window will finally close, other times Cubase will eventually crash or I have to kill it.

Where can I look to see what might be the cause of this? Or better, STEINBERG… FIX IT!

System is Windows 10. Kontakt 5.8.1. I have never seen this until Cubase 10.5.


If this is only happening with Kontakt then it’s possible version 5 isn’t optimized for Cubase 10.5 since version 6 has been out for quite a bit now. Often times it’s a plugin that makes the DAW crash.

I rebooted my computer and the issue hasn’t come back as yet. But Cubase has frozen once since then.