Where can I find the Version History for HALion 7.0.10?

I’ve just downloaded and installed HALion 7.0.10 in Steinberg Download Assistant but I cant see the version history anywhere.

macOS 13.3.1 Ventura on a mac mini m1 (Silicon)

It should appear as soon as you click on the category VST Instruments & Plugins in the Steinberg Download Assistant, then on the Icon HALion 7. Anyway I attached it here as well.
HALion_Version_History_2023_05.pdf (340.9 KB)

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FYI, the titled field of the PDF document properties still says “HALion 6”.

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Thank you. First the update appeared under “Applications” in The Steinberg Download Assistent with only the HALion 7.0.10 update download.

Now I see it under “VST Instruments & Plugins” with all the related downloads.