where can I find this? Saving MixConsole Settings

I can not find it Saving MixConsole Settings at cubase 9.5

Saving MixConsole Settings

You can save MixConsole settings for selected audio-related channels in the MixConsole and load them into any project.

Select the channels with the settings that you want to save.
Select Functions > Save Selected Channels.
In the file dialog, specify the file name and location.
Click Save.


The settings for the selected channels are saved with the file extension .vmx. The input/output routing is not saved.

Don’t have 9.5 but I guess it’s the same…functions menu is the down arrow at top right of the fullscreen mixconsole.

If you use lower zone mixconsole you may also first need to show the toolbar using the 3 dots button on the left.

The major problem I see is exactly that:

The input/output routing is not saved… (AAARGHHH)



It can only load the routing if you have already created the needed tracks that the routing is pointing to.