where can i get the cubase6-manual?

I used to use Cubase2.1 SX until 1week ago, but now i’m using Cubase6…

but Cubase6 has much more funtions than Cubase2 does, so i should get a manual of Cubase6 to adjust in this programm…

Yeah,…there was a manual in the Cubase material-box…but there was no mention about the funtions of Cubase6…
there were only information how to install, use the dongle key and set for the beginners…

well actually i heard that the Cubase5 has the funtion, which is controlling the sounds like ‘loosen tape’…

Apparently Cubase 6 has that funtion, but i don’t know where is that…

so please let me know where can i get the manual of the cubase6…

so i can use lots of funtions…

the manual is built in to c6 under - help - documentation


Aloha bab,
Steinberg has done away with the big printed manual in favour of
tutorial videos that are included with your C6 package.

Also, once C6 is installed there is built-in documentation
in the form of PDF’s for topics like: (tanx filterfreak)

Quick Start guide
Operation Manual
Plug-in reference
Menu reference

and a few more.

If you have a legit boxed copy of C6, then you already
have all the manuals and tutorials that come with the programme.

I believe there are also some YouTube videos for
viewing and there is alway 3rd party stuff available.