Where can I get XML Score Symbols for Cubase 6?

I’m now a proud owner of Cubase 6!
One of the features I really wanted was more score symbols or a better User Symbol editor, but since I can import XML I wanted to ask, where could I get such XML symbols?
I googled and found more about full music scores than individual symbols for scoring inside Cubase 6.
One symbol that I really looked for was Glissando, as it appears here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musical_symbols

Thank you.

Music xml, if that is what you are referring to is for importing and exporting scores, not to import individual symbols.

Cubase does facilitate creating your own symbols, open a score edit window and show the symbols pane and click on “User Symbols”

See page 638 of the manual.

edit: should have read the whole post! My User Symbol suggestion was redundant :blush: