where can I plug a line level input ?


I’m trying to plug a line level device (CD player) into my MR816 but even on channels 1&2 mic pres, with gain at minimum, the sound is heavily distorted.

How can I proceed ?



Have you activated the Pads on the inputs?

Yes! It’s still distorted, but less loud :slight_smile:


You are plugging the CD player into the center of the input socket with a 1/4 inch plug? That is, don’t use an XLR plug at the 816 for a line in. An XLR plug will only feed a mic level input… The sockets on the 816 are ‘combo’ plugs, the center has a 1/4 inch input for line or instrument level sources.

I greive for the loss of real dual input sockets and a mic/line switch. I’d smile having to pay another $100 per unit for their return…



Yes, I use two 1/4 inch jack plugs. Strange.

for what it’s worth, I plugged an oscillator outputting 400Hz at +4dbm into both the TRS and XLR parts of the same MR816x input. Both required a pad and both exhibited the same available gain. Is there an impedance difference (or any difference) between the two connectors or are they just wired in parallel?