Where can i purchase the update?

A download update should be mandatory.
I still can not purchase the update and my local distributor said to me “availability until March” and will be “200 dollars”
I´m so frustrate.
I tried to buy on some online stores but the update is pre-order or sold out.
Any advices?
I´m in Mexico City at the moment.

Thanks in advance

Hi there:

Unfortunately, it is true that our distributor in Mexico has not yet received its shipment for several reasons. However, they should have the Cubase 6 stock with them soon. But I am afraid, the availability of March is still correct.

I understand the frustration about the lack of an downloadable update but this is something we have to deal with for now. We are aware that a downloadable upgrade would increase the availability and customer satisfaction so please be assured that your request does not go unheard.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you can soon enjoy your Cubase 6 version!

Melanie Becker
Export Channel Manager