Where cubase save colors scheme ?

I have some problems with Cubase 10 since I started use it 2 weeks ago (it loses occasionally) some settings. Now I have problem with colors.
All colors in the preferences as Mixconsole Faders Colors, Rack Colors and Chanel Strip Colors are sudenly Transparent (no color).
I tried to chane my cubase profile to default profile and save only colous from preferences , but nothing happen when I Load this preset with colors (no color still) to my main Cubase profile. How to load colours ?

Here is where all preferences (and user preferences) are saved…


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Same problem here.

Same problem here with Nuendo 10.

It seems, from reading posts from elsewhere, that the “preference preset” thing in preferences is broken.
Save a preset and you’re screwed.
Thing to do is go in and adjust colors to your liking, then save the project and quit Cubase.

Restart and you should be ok.
Do NOT save a preference preset.

I really wish they would have made this bug clear.
Wasted a lot of time on it with a client present.