Where Cubase save MY preset track?

Sometimes i create a preset track but i can’t found in the steinberg->cubase-> folder.
I looking in the sub cubase folder but i can’t find the cubase file with my preset tracks.
I create an audio prest track for copy the vst when i mix a whole LP after a finish that job i would like erase those preset but i can found the prest.
Please le me know

Does this help

OK thank you. I’ll try to do that.

Try to do what?

To found in the folder that you advice to me… Thanks !!!

Ah cool, was just worried that you maybe thought to trash all the prefs was being advised (it’s not)… :sunglasses:

I know that thread is old but in this path: \Presets\KeyCommands<preset name>.xml
I can’t found my custom Keycommand. For example i save a preset keycommand with my name “floydpaint2000” but in that path i can’t found the floydpaint2000.XML and when i put that name in search windows of the OS it don’t found that.
So where i can found it?

The same things for general PREFERANCES and so on… Let me know and thank you

Works here.

I re install all and now i can see… Thank you