Where did all my master section presets go?

All of a sudden all my master section presets disappeared. They just vanished. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

It is good to have interns who are very good at working on Windows computers. All the files got put into another folder which WL was not finding. We made a preset file and saved it so we knew where the files were suppose to go. Then we searched the HD for *.dat files and found where all the .dat files for the presets were hiding. Then we copied all the .dat preset files into that folder. Everything is back to “normal”. Why the files got moved is a mystery. This all happened when I upgraded to 9.5.35 and had the problem with the audio. Just wanted to let other know the problem and how to fix it if it happens to you. I also made a backup of the .dat files and saved it on our server. YEA and thanks to Rhys, my intern, for figuring it all out.

It’s things like this that I never liked about the global master section and probably why I stayed away from using it. I am glad to keep all my plugins at the montage master output section or on clips so everting is stored and restored with the .mon file without issue.

I know some plugins are only available in the global master section but I have basically developed a workflow that lets me get around that.

I think this is an area that could be improved for the next big WaveLab update.

But for me it’s one thing I really like! The common folder means that you can create a presets sub-folder for each project and copy/save that to your working projects folder.

Project management recalls and backup are straightforward.

Maybe how this feature if perceived depends a little on your background and how you organize your projects on an individual level … mine’s in audio post and this sort of organization makes sense to me.

I guess this is why it’s good that PG added the Montage Output Effects slot for WaveLab 8 (I think It was) so we can have one or the other. I know that with the way my brain works, and questions itself, I’d never be fully confident that the correct master section settings were in place.

I guess I dealt with it through version 7 but certainly don’t miss it. In fact, I keep the floating master section hidden and only show it when I need to add my Clarity M plugin to the playback processing slot when WaveLab randomly decides to reset the master section on launch instead of reloading the last used setting.

I can see that the global master section has its uses but it’s personally not great for me.

Personally, I like both the global master section and the montage effects section. I think they are both useful, depending on the task. I think the master section is a ‘must have’ when you are using the audio editor part of Wavelab.