Where did my menu go?

Where did my menu go?

Dorico 5.1

It looks as if the contents of the project window have been moved up by the height of the menu bar – very strange, I’ve never seen this. If you close and reopen the project, does the problem persist? If so, what precise version of Windows are you running?

This problem has existed since version 5.0. My operating system is win10.

So the menus have never appeared for you in Dorico project windows in any of the Dorico 5.x versions, dating back to May this year?

What precise version of Windows are you running?

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The menu will appear, but when I change the window size, often

Thanks for providing the video. Can you tell me what precise version of Windows you’re running? Here are the steps to find out:

WIN 10

Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0

The problem still exists and has not been solved.


Hi @Dongww

After the last move in your video, as the menu disappears there is a strange doubling of the status bar in the lower part. Are you using some 3rd party software to resize your window? It seems that something is doubling/stacking 2 project windows one over the other (duplicate status bar) and the upper one is being displaced (to let the second status bar appearing), hiding so the menu. Very strange, never seen this behavior…

No third-party tools are used.
This is a BUG.

Maybe, maybe not. The issue seems to be unique to your device.

I’ve seen other people on the forum have the same problem.

I just updated to the latest version of Dorico Pro today and also updated my Windows 10. I am now not seeing any palette icons. Everything looks like this on new and old projects:

Did you restart your PC? Looks like if some font was missing…

I think this issue may not be taken seriously for a while, so I decided to give up the request and let it go.

I restarted my computer. When that didn’t work, I restarted again. Next I opened the download assistant and reinstalled the update a second time and then restarted. This is still the result. It happens for every menu item: Setup, Write, Engrave, Play, and Print. The application is unusable in this state.

At one time there was a Windows bug where the installer wouldn’t install all the fonts correctly. I thought it was fixed, but maybe not. If you’re using D5.1, in Windows go to your Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\fonts folder. How many items are in that folder for you? I have 30. (I hope that’s the correct number!) Is the DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf font in that folder?

It’s also possible that it’s a Windows font cache issue. Just google “windows rebuild font cache” and there are lots of walkthroughs to troubleshoot if that’s the cause.

Just as
CTRL/CMD + 7 ,
CTRL/CMD + 9, and
CTRL/CMD + 0 toggle the left, bottom, right, and “all” sidebars on and off,
apparently CTRL/CMD + 6 toggles the top bar on and off.

I see 28 fonts in there but DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf is not one of them. I also tried to rebuild the font cache, which I was only partially able to accomplish. I think it might be the missing font that you have mentioned. How do I get that back?