Where did my rack knobs gone ? [ SOLVED }


please see

where did the knobs gone ?

is it a setting i’m missing ?

I have to admit that I preferred the other way too - at least make this a pref…

LOL. No, just one of the MC’s quirks! Hopefully they’ll come back soon :wink:

Were you being mean to them ?

BUMP :frowning:

  • 1 on the missing knobs in 7.0.2 Win 7 64 bit

32 bit version Knobs are there

looking like there are a few GUI bugs in 64 bit version. heres hoping 7.0.3 comes soon and these problems are sorted.

Solved the knob missing issue here

downloaded the full Install of 7.0.2 from the Steinberg web site (5.4 gb) and used the reinstall selection. and the knobs are back as well as it solved my missing Audio meters in Project Veiw issue.

Happy camper i am

give it a shot




Thanks will give it a go !!!


Thanks for the tip.

It’s 100 % now. Send me the bill…

Your advice should be a sticky :slight_smile:

Happy Camper times 2