Where did my songs in my hub go?

I turned on my computer today and when I called up 12 Pro, it acted like it was all new. It wanted to know which ASIO I wanted. Then when the hub came up, all of my songs were gone.
Does anybody know how to restore them back? I"m at a total loss here.
No, I didn’t do a back up in a while. Stupid me.
Everything seemed fine last night. I worked on my latest project, saved it, powered down and went to bed.
I can go to the file that has the list of songs and versions but for some reason, they all want to go to an earlier version of Cubase and I have to do that from the file icon. I can’t call them up from the Cubase import.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I’m at a total loss here.

Jeremykeys, the very distressed!