Where did my volume slider (and some other options) go?

I have an audio file which used to have a volume option directly on the track. I’m talking about the one in the middle of the waveform on top, and if you pulled it up or down, it would change the waveform. That option doesn’t exist anymore on my current audio file. What happened and how to get it back?

I tested this by importing another audio track and that one has these options. How did I lose the option on the first audio track?

Besides this, when I click on the first audio, there aren’t as many options to select from which were there in the beginning (up on top).
If I click on the newly imported audio file, all the extra options are there.

I did play around and added effects on my audio file, but I, for the life of me, can’t figure out what to do to get them back. To my knowledge it is still the same audio file on an audio track.
Any ideas?

Screenshots for reference:

Audio track 1

Audio track 2

These are Audio Parts. Please Shift + Right Click them and select either Bounce Selection (to keep any edits) or Dissolve Part to convert them into regular Audio Events.

These Audio Parts were most likely created by gluing Audio Events together. Only Audio Events have the Volume and Fade handles.

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This worked. Interesting thing to know.

Thank you.