Where did "Show Player Names" option in layout options go?

I can’t seem to find the option with checkboxes that used to appear under Layout Options > Players>Staves and Systems.

Dorico 5 Version history states the following:

Staff labels
Player names as staff labels. A new option Show player names has been added to the
Staves and Systems page of Layout Options allowing you to specify whether staff
labels should use player names rather than instrument names On all systems or
On first system only.
Leading for editing staff labels. In simple cases, overrides made to the horizontal
alignment and leading of staff labels in the Edit Instrument Names dialog are now
carried through to the resulting staff labels.”

scroll to the right =)


oh man. Thank you!

Oh man, this is SOOO unfortunate…

I just spent about half an hour looking everywhere for this option because I knew it was somewhere and was increasingly feeling dumb.

Please, Dorico Team, could you move these inputs so the user can see them? They do start exactly where they are hidden from the user on a regular HD screen…