Where did the meter bridge go.....?

Hi there,
i tried to find out on google if i was missing something blatant like a deselection in a menu somewhere for mix console but i am struggling to find anything. Its still there in version 9.0.30, but nowhere to be seen in version 9.5 with latest updates. Was it ninja moved or completely removed, or am i actually blind and there is a setting for it somewhere ?. Not the end of the world but when you are used to a certain work flow and then bits are gone it kinda throws you a bit.

If you look to the top right of your mixer there is a downward pointing triangle. Click on that and you’ll get the options that include the meter bridge.

But yes, pretty well hidden.

Thanks Nic. I was going crazy trying to find it - especially because I’d done it before & knew it was hiding somewhere. What makes it extra hard to find is that there is a normal sized down arrow which seems like where you should find the bridge, but it’s not. No the teeny-tiny easily overlooked arrow is the correct one.

Plus the manual tells you that a bunch of sections like the Meter Bridge and Pictures can be displayed.
But it doesn’t say how!


No worries, yes been there myself and spent ages trying to work out to get it back…