Where did the technical forum go?

Did it get left behind in the move, or perhaps lost it’s way somewhere down the line?
Okay, lose 10 points for not spotting it was missing sooner, but I definitely missed it yesterday!

Any chance it can get re-instated?

There use to be a technical forum beyond these?
Do you mean the computer hardware forum? Steinberg Forums


Ah - it is me being blind & stupid again.
Thanks for that - I was looking for it within the Nuendo set - it looks like they are all now merged.
That’s a shame.
It was better before, when all posts referred to Nuendo specifically - now I have to wade through all manner of stuff…(yes, Lazy Sod, I know :stuck_out_tongue: )

You’re right Neil, there used to be a Hardware Forum - I’d prefer to see that division come back - it made more sense and made it easier to find the latest news on Hardware - not cluttered up with…uh…clutter. :stuck_out_tongue: