where did the wav files go?

I started a new project in Cubase 10, and I edited the first audio track/wav snippet that I recorded. Yet there is no audio track to be found in the project folder or subfolders. Any help?

Also, is there integration from WaveLab with Cubase?

You´re either looking in the wrong folder (check the pool for the project Folder) or you defined a different record Folder for that track…

yes look in the pool (ctrl + p) to see it - there the files will be listed with location. most likely the files are in your default project folder. if you want to move all files into the same folder in an easy way use the Backup project option

Yes, look in the pool to see the project folder.

is there a way to change the folder of the wav files in the pool from the pool view?

only way to change the folder of a project is to do the backup project as far as I know.