Where do I download!?!

I have payed and recieved authorisationnumbers… But WHERE do I download Nuendo 8?


OK, now 12 people has read my question. and nobody can point me to the actual link? NOT the 8.0.10 wich do not work if there is no NUENDO to update…

Please! Someone?


You have to go to MySteinberg account to download & register your purchase.


I can’t see the v8 download at mysteinberg either. I have activated but can’t see how to register- although the system has my e-licenser and licenses tethered to my account.

this advice from the other ‘can’t download’ thread solved my problem:

“Go here https://shop.steinberg.net/c/shop?ml=EN&mode=info and login to the Steinberg Online shop, find your purchase and download it.”

Thanks JL Bowie!

In my case I had to go to mysteinberg and found it using my graceperiod.
I just activated Nuendo7 and got Nuendo8, but had to look for the grace period download.

Be patient, once you have registered your activation code on your eLicenser, the download link will become available in ‘MySteinberg’ within a few minutes (hours) depending on the refresh rate of their database.

So, did you solve your problem?