Where do I find the Activation Code for MP3 Encoder?


I’ve recently purchased Cubase Artist 6. I know that there is a trial version of the MP3 Encoder, but I’m having trouble figuring out where I could find the Activation Code for it. I’ve looked in the box, and I found activation codes for trial versions of HALion Sonic, Cubase 6, Grand 3 SE, and Wavelab 7, but not the MP3 encoder.

Thank you for the help!


As explained in your manual, the mp3 encoder trial will work for 30 days or 20 encodings, no activation code needed for the trial.

Okay. Thanks for the help!

Question is - I purchased the MP3 encoder way back when I had Cubase 4 Studio (and it’s on my USB eLicencer) - will that work inline with Cubase 6 Elements that I purchased today ? I’ve been able to export, and it’s fine so far.

Dead simple: Do 20 exports and check if it still works for the 21st. You can then contribute to the forum in a positive way by posting the results.