Where do I find the latest asio

Can I download or update my Cubase 11 pro asio driver? If so where and what version is the latest?I have version

the ASIO driver is hardware related…

Where is the Cubase driver?

Cubase = Software
there is no Cubase driver

There are two components here:

  1. The host software, that uses ASIO sound drivers. You can update the host software to the latest version, and if there are updates to how it uses ASIO, that would be part of those updates.

  2. The sound device drivers. These provide ASIO sound devices. Each sound device manufacturer writes their own ASIO drivers, to the standard ASIO protocol. By updating the sound driver for your sound device, you may get a newer update of this component.

There is no “central ASIO” component that sits in the middle and you can update separately.

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