Where do I find this file FCP_.....

Hi All

Had a bit of a disaster, my System/Cubase SSD drive developed a fault and I had to reformat it, all is fine, nothing lost, except when I’m loading C7 it asks for the following file FCP_SMT_121_HSSE_Artist_Instrument_Presets_03, now I know it’s not serious but it irritates me that I have everything else backed up, but not this, is it part of one of the updates or…?

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Hi Dave,

if you tell me your OS, I will tell you the exact location of that file :wink:
By all means, try a “Quick disk rescan” in the MediaBay".


Hi Lois

Thanks for the reply, I’m on Windows 7 64Bit, the problem being as I said I had to reformat the drive and reload everything, I did a search on ALL my drives( 4 others as well) and the search found nothing.

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Should be able to locate that file here:

C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound