Where do I obtain Cubase for my new machine?

I am transferring Cubase to a new computer. The reactivation process begins with installing Cubase on the new machine. What is the process for obtaining the software?

Depends on the version of Cubase. If you have a usb dongle then just download from steinberg, install and plug the licences in. It will work. If you have a version with a soft licences then you will need to search on steinberg for re activation or maybe someone will put the link on here. I would have to look for it as I use a usb licence.


You can download the recent Cubase versions from the Steinberg Download Assistant. If you have an older Cubase version, write, which version and edition you have the license for.

As you did the Reactivation, you would have most probably any of Cubase Elements/LE/AI edition. Otherwise the Reactivation is needed, because your license sits on the USB-eLicenser. In this case, just plug it in and you are ready to go (after Cubase installation).

I’m getting more confused. I installed the Download Assistant; it shows only Cubase AI 11, not the AI 10.5 which I own. Please, can someone clearly tell me how I transfer my Cubase to my new computer?


You can find Cubase 10.5 Full Installers here (scroll most down, to find Cubase 10.5 Elements, LE, AI Full Installer, this is the one you need).