Where do I place these folders?


This probably is a dumb question, but here it goes anyway: Yesterday, I downloaded the “HSO Templates for Cubase.zip” and after I decompressed the .zip file, I found three folders: one Audio folder(empty), one Expression maps folder with several instruments .expressionmaps and finally one Track Presets folder with a similar number of instruments .trackpresets. There were also two templates: one HSO Orchestra.cpr and one HSO String Orchestra.cpr and last, a .DS_Store file.

Please take a look at the attached .jpg

Now the question is where do I have to place the Expression maps folder and the Track Presets folder?
I already looked in my PC for xxx.expressionmap and xxx.trackpreset similar files, but to no avail.

Thank you guys

BTW I have three disks for Cubase:
1.- One with the OS and all the programs
2.- another for the VST Instruments libray …and
3.- The last one for Audio and Cubase projects
HSO Templates.jpg