Where do I re-download Halion Symphonic?

I’ve just switched my entire setup from PC to Mac and I have been able to figure out every tricky re-install … with the exception of Halion Symphonic.

I can locate the Mac VST instrument installer on the Steinberg site, but not the actual sample library. Is it exactly the same set of files as the PC version, or is the Mac library different?

Does anyone have a clue as to the right approach?

Many thanks—Michael

You may have to submit a Support Ticket in My Steinberg. A MOD may reply here but there is no guarantee.
p.s. Just curious… Was your original installation a download or from DVDs?

Contact support. If they do not help, drop me a PM and I will upload it to you.

Are you trying to install Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Set or Halion Symphonic?

Thank you both heaps …

Jaslan … it was a download version and I was convinced I had kept all the installation files, but the sound sets are missing. It’s the problem of drowning in many squillions of downloaded installation files over the years and an only partially successful attempt at a filing system.

Makumbaria … that is very kind of you. I will try the official Steinberg path first, however, if silence is the answer you will probably hear from me again. And it’s the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Set. I purchased it in 2010, and although there are still files that (I think) are for installing the VST instrument … there are no downloads availabe for the actual sample library. And of course the link to the original download from the Steinberg Store is long since dead.


Ok, let’s wait for the support. I have the original DVD for the Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST sound set. If you need it, just send me a PM

Thanks. The support request is in the system. Now I’m holding my breath …

Wow! My breath was held for barely a nanosecond.

I’m happy to report a swift, thoughtful and very positive response from Jan in Steinberg Support.

Thank you to you both for your swift and considerate responses as well.

All is well with the universe …

(… well it would be if Apple hadn’t mucked up OS10.9 and rendered everyone’s external sound-cards unusable …
… but that’s a different worry, in a parallel universe)

Cheers Michael

Great news Michael!

I have one (hopefully) final question.

I have installed the HSO VST instrument and have also installed the 6.7GB of sample library that Steinberg support sent to me.

Problem is that HSO can’t find the content. I’ve found the VST Sound folder with what appear to be all the sample files. But HSO doesn’t seem to recognise them. So, when it asks me to find the content, what’s it actually looking for? Clearly not a 6.1 GB folder full of files with .vstsound extensions.



I now think the answer might be much more obvious. I suspect that HSO standalone isn’t compatible with Mac OS 10.9.0, let alone 10.9.1 which is what I’ve got running.

I also suspect it’s not compatible with Cubase 7.5, especially in 64 bit mode.

I’m just guessing, but when I loaded HSO in Cubase, the instrument window wouldn’t display properly … just the top-left corner would show.

So, between not being able to see content, and not loading properly in Cubase, I think that’s a sad sign of obsolescence.

Does that all sound plausible?


The old HSO VST Instrument was “replaced” by the HSO VST Sound Set which is a library for use in HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic, or HALion. Try opening one of those and look for the HSO Library.

Aaaaah … Tricky! Now I understand the cryptic comments about HSO Instrument as opposed to HSO Sound Set.

I’ll have a look, but I’m sure you’re right. It makes perfect sense.

Thank you Jaslan :slight_smile:

I can’t get HALion Sonic SE to see the HSO Sound Set.

At the moment the HSO SS is in it’s own folder within the HALion Sonic Content folder. That’s where they were automatically installed. Should they not be in a separate folder? Should they just be swimming freely with all the other HALion samples? Or is there some other sneaky, sneaky trick?

I tried to get the Cubase Media to rescan … but it didn’t seem to want to do that.

These are my concerns … :confused:

… oh, and yes, I do have an HSO Licence on the dongle …

Are you sure you installed the new Halion symphonic orchestra VST sound set and not that older Halion symphonic orchestra plugin?

Here is an update (to 1.0 to 1.0.1)


Your Halion Sonic SE is up to date? You need at least version 1.6 to run it.

I have only today realised that the old instrument was defunct and that the library is now meant to work in HALion Sonic SE. And I so I had installed the instrument first, before realising that. I have since installed the new Sound Set over the top. But I suspect I need to uninstall the HSO instrument … and start again.

But is it critical where the Sound Set sits? Is the folder within a folder the correct location?