Where do I start if I want to program a VST app that edits MIDI events

I have been using Cubase for a long time now and have many outboard synths that I have setup device panels in device manager for.
I find this method of programming synths very useful but I would like to see more functionality in the device panel program, specifically the ability to morph between 2 synth settings like the morph knob on the Arturia Polybrute.
Because of the current lack of this functionality I would like to develop a VST or addition to Device Manager that can take the patch settings of 2 different presets on a MIDI instrument and morph between them by incrementing or decrementing the MIDI CC values of one patch to another.
Could someone please let me know if this is possible and if so ,how I can go about implementing this project.
Thank you for your help.
Rob Fish

JUCE is probably your best choice, as it has an active community which will help and very popular for VST plugins:-

Steep learning curve, but depends on your coding/C++ knowledge really.

Maybe something like Loomer Architect can already do what you want?

That looks really interesting.

Bidule is a pretty cool tool for manipulating MIDI and audio streams in real time too.

It’s object oriented on the surface, but there is also an SDK for coding bidules directly.