Where do Ifind the grace note tool box?

Hi everybody,

how can I find the grace note tool box - the German manual that exists doesn’t help :frowning:

Greets to all of you!


Grace note ‘toolbox’… what do you mean?
You can enter grace notes like normal notes, just activate grace notes button on the left hand of the screen. I think there’s also a shortcut, though I’ve changed mine and I don’t know what it was originally. When you move the pointer over the button the shortcut should show up.

Hi fretlow,
the original shortcut is (-).
At the moment I can’t select the type of grace notes…
I’m doing this:

  • click on grace note button
    . choose 1/8 or 1/16 note from the note menu at the bottom of the page in WRITE MODE and enter it via MIDI (caret active)

Then the grace notes appear as normal 1/8 or 1/ 16 note - so far, so good

But there is another type of grace notes: f.e. the short 1/8 grace note type, which is displayed in the grace note button!!!

The german manual called this function “Werkzeugbox” - that’s in English “Tool box”

Thanks and yours


Do you mean the slash?
You can choose wether a selected grace note should be slashed or not in the properties panel. The grace note section of the properties panel is all the way on the right, you’ll probably have to scroll to see it.
There’s also an option for this in Engraving Options.
And there’s a shortcut for toggling the slash, but again I don’t remember what it originally was…
I hope it helps!


Perhaps this will help:

I believe the original grace note shortcut (on my keyboard) is … drum roll … / (looks like a slash).

You can always just use the Grace Note tool found on the left in the Notes Toolbox.
Inputting Grace Notes:


Changing the appearance of a created grace note (slashed or non-slashed):


The resource I am showing is in English. I am not sure if there is an equivalent one in your native language.

Best of luck!

Though I scanned the WRITE MODE Screen extensively, I couldn’t find both the grace note tool mentioned by musicmaven and the grace note section of the properties panel :frowning:(

Would you please be so kind as to send me a pic of the tool or the properties panel??

Thanks a lot!!

Or better. a screenshot?

The grace note tool is what you referred to as “grace note button” in your second post.
The grace note section appears at the far right of the properties panel. You may need to scroll. The panel is context sensitive, so the grace note section will only appear when a grace note is selected.


Got it!!

Many thanx to all of you for the great help:-)