Where do saved notehead/playback assignments in the "Edit Percussion Playing Techniques" 'live'


When I was originally working with the templates given for BBCSO the unpitched perc maps had quite a few techniques unassigned via noteheads for rolls/damping/chokes etc that were put into the percussion map itself but not assigned to noteheads to trigger the desired sound. I eventually added them myself. Where do these new notehead and percussion playing techniques get saved?

Here’s a basic example of what I did do trigger a choke for the BBCSO Piatti.

And here just to trigger the Suspended cymbal (Crash Cymbal (High) in BBCSO Template) Roll.

I have a custom VEP Template for BBCSO which while will load up my expression /percussion maps. I’ve no idea how to get these custom noteheads in/out of my projects. Do I need to create a notehead set or something?

I actually had to spend a lot of time to even figure out how to get these connections between noteheads and unpitched percussion maps. It would be great if it was something I could just load in as required. I’ve got an unanswered post about my struggles with a BBCSO/VEP template linked here as well if any one has any idea what’s going on with that one. I eventually got all the instances hooked up but I’m scared to try it again. I’d rather just keep importing flows into the same Orchestral Template as it grows anyway. Thanks in advance. Cheers Simon.

You’re not really defining custom noteheads in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog: you’re defining combinations of existing noteheads and existing playback techniques, and these are then part of the percussion instrument itself. You can make these available in other projects by adding them to a percussion kit and exporting that kit.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for that. Does the kit have to have more than one instrument or can it just be the solo player with the information saved as a ‘kit’? I’m not on Dorico atm but will try that later. Cheers! all the best, Simon.

Yes, a kit can contain just a single instrument.

Brilliant! That has to be a support record that one! Thanks mate. Cold winter here in Melbourne!