Where do the ''erased from pool'' files go?

Hi…If I empty the trash in the pool where do theses file go please? they don’t seem to go into the recycle bin,
I’m just wondering if I’m building a big pile of junk somewhere without knowing…

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

I believe they are left in the project audio folder. There should be an option to remove them from the hard drive.
Page 502 in the C8 manual.
Just realized that maybe I don’t understand the question.
If you move them to the trash in the pool them empty the trash they should be permanently deleted from the disk.
Or select the file and select edit… Delete…

mine goes to:

do you mean you put them there on purpose?

they go there by default i think

That’s not happening for me…an audio folder is not there…if I find them presumably it’s ok to delete them… :confused:

I guess it’s ok to delete them if you no longer need them :wink: .

A while ago, I was running low on HD space which prompted me to look for stuff to delete and that was when i stumbled on the folder. not sure how it got set up, just seemed to make sense when I found the folder.

so the deleted files do go somewhere then?
it’s a case of finding the damn things…

I don’t believe this to be the case… If you delete them (from the drive, not just remove them from the project) they are gone. That is why the manual warns about the delete operation.

Yeah, same here. ‘Remove unused files’ puts them in the trash, then ‘Empty trash’ gives two options, of which one is to delete - they go to file heaven after that, or hell if they were bad files (to answer the topic question :wink:).

I’m still tring to figure out where my lap goes when I stand up :laughing:

When you “remove files from pool”, they remain on hard disc untouched- in the place where they were created or copied. The only thing you do by this command is rejecting them from project itself. They are still accessible by other projects, for instance.
Option “Permanently erase files” does, as this expression explains- removes them from hard disc for ever.
Nothing goes to hell or heaven from HD.
YOU go to heaven if you do good jobs :slight_smile:

Just a side note: If you accidentally erase files from the hard drive, you can use a program like Recuva (https://www.piriform.com/recuva) to… recover them. When the recycle bin is emptied, or in this case, Cubase bypasses the recycle bin entirely, the files (or the sectors that they had occupied on the hard/SS drive) are not immediately ‘destroyed’. However, every time a new piece of data is written to your hard drive, it may overwrite some or all of a file you wish to recover. So it’s important to act quickly. :wink: :wink:

It is interesting to scan your hard drive with Recuva, just to see what kind of stuff is lying around. That’s why formatting your drive before selling it (if you do sell it) is not enough.