Where do we get a download access code?

i’m getting a warning that my wavelab activation will expire in 4 days… i’m trying to follow the instructions as per the website:

If this is the case, please complete the activation as described below.

  • Open the Steinberg Download Assistant.
  • Enter the Download Access Code at the top left.
  • A dialog box opens, prompting you to activate the corresponding license. It also shows an Activation Code. You don’t need to write it down.
  • Click on the [Upgrade] button.
  • An eLicenser Control Center window opens. The Activation Code has been filled in automatically.
  • Select the license you want to update/upgrade.
  • Click [Continue].
  • Click [Upgrade License].

but, where do i get the DOWNLOAD ACCESS CODE???

There should be one in the “Vouchers” area of your MySteinberg account. If not, you should contact Steinberg support.

i may have found a license code in my email… but when i enter it i get an error that no proper license is on my USB stick… but i’ve been running wavelab for years off my USB stick

what a pain this all is…

is there any way to just keep using the USB stick and ignore all of this new licensing stuff?

thank you! and the warning about no active license on the USB was because the USB stick wasn’t plugged in! since i’ve been running some sort of temporary eLicense…

according to the Activation Manager it now says WL 11.1 is “activated”… we’ll see if that actually lasts/works…

that was not a very smooth process… and never any sort of “your eLicense is now active!” message… it just sort of went through then quit… so i have no idea if it worked or not. i guess i’ll find out in 4 days!

Same problem with Spectral Layers. As usual Steinberg has made what should be a simple process into a nightmare. Maybe Steinberg should hire some non “geek” BETA testers and have them try out the different processes BEFORE they release or change things…Just a suggestion!!! I sometimes get the idea that the programmers who write the code think everything is simple but to the average user things are not that simple. FWIW