Where do we set the Cubasis 3.3 Midi/Sysex device ID?


I’ve just purchased Cubasis 3.3 with a Waves plug-in pack. I’ve been waiting to see that MMC support would be added, which I saw you have now done in 3.3.

I am controlling the app from a device that sends Sysex commands, which I control.

I need a Device ID to make this work. Where do I set the device ID in Cubasis 3.3?

Incidentally, I’ve tried to use Midi Learn, but have not succeeded in automating the steps I need, which are:

  1. Start recording
  2. Stop recording
  3. Rewind

I am using a KMI Softstep foot controller with Bome Midi Translator Pro (BMTP). When I get the sequence right, I will load it into my BomeBox to execute along with all my other Midi automation. I did succeed using this combination with AuriaPro, where I was able to set the device ID.

The problem I am seeing with the Midi Learn approach is that the button for record punch in, doesn’t start recording. I assumed that like Auria Pro, I have to send record punch in, then play. This isn’t working either.

I also need to hit play again to stop recording. That’s less of an issue because BMTP “knows” the current state and will send the commands as needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Incidentally, I am finding Cubasis much more intuitive than my previous DAW.



Hi @dovjgoldman,

Thanks for your message.

With Cubasis 3.3 we’ve added MIDI Learn, Mackie Control (MCU) and HUI protocol support.

Please learn more how to use the new features in our dedicated MIDI Learn tutorial and/or the online versions of the Cubasis 3.3 help.

Best wishes,

Thank you Lars.

However, you have not answered my question.

How do I set the Device ID? Without that I can’t use Sysex/MCU.

If I can’t use Sysex/MCU, I would gladly use Midi Learn. I don’t need a tutorial on this - it is completely obvious.

I succeeded in attaching a CC to any of the transport buttons. However, no matter what I tried, I was unable to start recording. All the system did was start playing, rather than recording.

Please advise how I initiate recording using a Midi CC.



Incidentally, I did watch the tutorial on remote control. Your UI is very well designed and so, this process is quite simple.

Never the less, the tutorial did not explain how to control recording start.

I would very much appreciate a direct answer as to how to remote control that function.


Hi @dovjgoldman,

After discussing the topic with our engineering, here is our feedback:
Cubasis doesn’t support SysEx, therefore the device ID cannot be set.

MIDI Learning the Record button to any MIDI CC or MIDI note message should be straightforward.

In MIDI Learn mode, when you tap the Record button and trigger a MIDI CC on your MIDI device, does the MIDI CC number (e.g. “CC42”) show up on top of the record button?

Does your MIDI device send a CC value above 63, for the CC number that you trigger? It could be the case that Cubasis treats values below 64 as "button-off” and above 63 as “button-on”.

If it doesn’t work via CC, maybe you could program your MIDI device to send a MIDI note instead?

Hope that helps.


Note on messages did the trick.

Note on toggles record. Note off does not stop recording, so this button is clearly a toggle that responds to Note and not CC.

Knowing this “secret,” I can build out the rest.

Thank you Lars!