Where do you click to focus the MixConsole?

If I have the arrangement window large enough to cover half the mixer, I am finding a very hard time figuring out a “safezone” to click over. Most of the mixer is hotspot and activates some contextual.

Currently I am tracking all the way to the far bottom of mixer to find the 4 grey squares, on some channels 2 of those squares are blank, and safe. This is a lot of navigation.

What am I doing wrong. I don’t prefer a command for this.

on a PC, Control+Tab will cycle focus to the next open window. So if you only have the Mixer and the Project widow open, this will toggle the focus.
on Mac I think it is Command+Tab.
you could program a macro so it is only one keystroke, no mouse needed.

I guess most people have shortcuts…

but for anyone who doesn’t (I have 1000s of software shortcuts to remember for my day job, no more space!)
what are you aiming for?

This may or may-not help you, but I use what used to be called “Exposé” in OSX. Its been merged with “Mission Control” now, but serves the same needs. It allows me to use gestures (a 3 finger swipe) on my trackpad to jump between different spaces (desktops), all items open in the currently focused app, as well as all items open on the OS. This makes working on a laptop much easier, imo.

Im sure Windows has some built in feature that exposes all the windows/items open in an app. And if not, I know there will be 3rd party apps.

Again, I dont know if this will help, but its how I manage to deal with focusing windows/apps/plug-ins. Good luck!

I click on the VU meter or the fader area (slider mode set to touch so it won’t jump).

I was never able to wrap my head around expose, I wanted to. I have been meaning to re-familiarize myself with the latest incarnation of it. I also am an old dog and only use mouse, I refuse to learn gestures!

clicking the peak meter… yes that’s a little better, but it resets it (if that’s important to you).

I guess my point is that it is something they should consider… whether clicking the (out-of-focus) mixer should open a context menu, or should I click to focus the mixer first, then it can respond to contextual menu areas.

Not a problem here, as my mixer has it’s own monitor… : ) Dual monitors rule for mixing!

My “hotspot” problem with C7 mixer is I now have to watch out where I engage a horizontal scroll (using an Apple mouse). Constantly messing up pans and send levels depending on where the cursor is … One of the reasons why I’m finding it really hard to move on from v6. :confused: Whereas before I could whip around the mixer with a quick flick of the finger, now I have to interrupt my flow of thought and think about how I’m going to scroll to off-screen channels. Blah!

Since C7 and MixConsole this has been something I’ve been aware of too. it’s very easy to inadvertently alter something on the MixConsole.

I click on the meter bars to focus.


Yes it will. The only other tool to get around is a Key Command to make the focus go back to the project page.

Unfortunately I think Control+Tab is a Windows shortcut? Therefore you won’t find this listed as a Key Command in Cubase. That’s no problem of course…until you use a controller where you are attempting to assign a Key Command to an assignable function button on your controller.

That’s right.
You know I get so used to my Artist controller being able to make custom key commands I forget that you can’t do the same with the Cubase macro set. :blush:
I have a custom button my MC that I have named “toggle” that is programmed with Control+Tab, that cycles focus through all open windows.

I don’t understand this. How do you have an assignable button that you nave named “toggle” on your MC to cycle focus through all open windows? Alt+tab is not listed under Cubase key commands therefore to my knowledge it’s not possible to assign it to your MC.

What am I missing here? (I don’t use a MC, but I think the Icon uses MC protocol.)

Yeah, I’ve ranted about this in the F/R forum about 4,123,602 times. My Groucho-answer?

Don’t bother trying.

Seriously. I try to -avoid- MixConsole. It reminds me too much of that old game OPERATION…

…if you touch the sides? You blew it Charlie.

There should be a mode where:

Single Click… selects the channel
Double-Click -activates- all the channel gizmos.

MC as in Artist MC Control.
You can program windows key commands on the Artist MC for the touchscreen, (not just Cubase key commands) , you can name it what you want. I have this button in several locations on my custom touch screens to toggle window focus.
You can also program any combination of windows key commands, cubase commands and Eucon commands and even string them together for powerful macros.

Got it! I was thinking Mackie Control.

Yes I agree. 2 monitors is the ideal way of mixing. Very smooth.

For OSX that might be true, for Windows it’s a different story because the plugin editors hide behind the mix console when you focus on the mix console. Really annoying!

I agree but there are a lot of great features in the new console, enough for me to deal with the gymnastics involved.

I’m probably gaining more in terms of desk efficiency than I’m losing by the navigation.

But you would think that with all the squeezing and contracting we can do it wouldn’t be an issue, I guess that’s what they thought, but when you get into a mixer that has the channels squashed into an accordion, that, yeah asking too much.